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2028 Cadet Flight Sergeant Stephenson attends a QAIC Course

23 Oct 2016

Below is an Interview conducted with FS Tom Stephenson and explains in his own words what the QAIC Course offers Senior Cadets in their development -

"Time for a profile of one of our students as we promised yesterday! Meet Crayons, a member of Merlin syndicate at QAIC Boscombe Down. He’s a cadet on 2028 (Southam) Squadron, Warwickshire & Birmingham wing. We caught up with him yesterday to see how he’s getting on with the course.

How have you found the course so far?

"It’s not been too hard but as the weekend progress it is going to get harder. We’re surrounded by a group of people who are academically capable and therefore we’re all good to go and we hit the ground running. We’re all able to just immediately dive in and have a go."

As we’re finishing up the second weekend, how has your perception of the course changed compared to when you turned up for selection?

"In reality once you walk through the door, once you’re here and ready to go, it’s much more of a relaxed comfortable environment than it first seems, where the instructors main focus is making sure you learn, where they’re happy to help. It is a good working environment for all students to help expand their horizons and increase their knowledge of the subjects that are taught."

Compared to a squadron setting or even a school setting, how do you think the learning environment and the attitude of the instructors is different?

"As cadets we’ve all got the same kind of mind-set and that helps, because we’re already all looking in the same direction so we can all point out if something’s gone wrong, or help each other out because we’re all in it together as a team in our syndicates. With regards to the instructors, they’re all specialists in their subject and they really know what they’re talking about. The fact that we’re all really prepared, ready to learn, combined with their attitude and preparation, that as a combination produces quite a spectacular environment to learn in."

Finally, what do you hope to get out the next four or five months of the course?

"For me personally I’ve come on the course to expand my knowledge of aviation related subjects because so far as an Air Cadet I haven’t done too much of that. I’m looking to have QAIC as something on my CV if I apply to become a Cadet Warrant Officer, or any other position, or even further on in life, so I can say I did this course which has taught me these skills about these subjects, and as a result I got this qualification. So that’ll be what I’m looking forward to achieving through the course."

Thanks for talking to us Crayons, and good luck with the rest of the course."

Posted by Flt Lt Moreton OC 2028 Squadron.

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